Join Us As We Expand and Celebrate Vgarden’s Entry into the U.S. Market

October, 2022

Yesterday, Vgarden achieved another important milestone along our journey to become the global leader in the innovation and development of high quality, healthy, delicious plant-based foods as more people in Israel and around the world are turning to alternatives to meat and dairy products for their health – and the health of our planet.

We announced our foray into the largest consumer market in the world, the United States of America, after investing in studying the market and understanding where Vgarden’s products can address unmet needs.

We have joined forces with one of the most successful, strategic, and highly respected experts based in Richmond, Virginia –Meiky Tollman whose career includes being a driving force of well-known consumer brand Sabra Dipping Company from a $10MM kosher-market business to $500MM in revenue.

Meiky is known not only for his proven skill in building and scaling efficient, profitable businesses, but is known for his enthusiasm and life-long commitment to meaningful initiatives that can improve people’s lives, create opportunities for talented professionals to advance in their careers, and make a sustainable positive difference.

Today, during this important holiday season, I wish to express my profound gratitude for the entire Vgarden team, who have worked so effectively for so many years to bring Vgarden’s vision to life, after tremendous success here in Israel, where we’ve worked closely with our people, our partners, our investors, and industry colleagues, bringing us to a point where our experience and success can be exported into other regions.

A month ago, we announced a very exciting joint venture with Cale and Daughters, a company with whom we’ve successfully developed the Australian market, and with whom we will be building a state-of-the-art food manufacturing and packaging plant next year as part of our global growth plan. We were honored to collaborate with Austrade and organizations in Israel to bring this together with a commitment to quality and conscious business practices given our shared values and a business partnership that has become truly a friendship.

With Meiky and his team, we are confident we will bring healthier, tastier and more responsibly sourced and manufactured products to the food service and restaurant industries as they seek to address the growing demands for alternative plant-based cheeses that melt and stretch, and a full range of products across meat alternatives including luncheon meat and seafood vegan alternatives, ravioli, pastries and other delicacies that are just as satisfying and far more healthy than traditional versions.

We are building not for our generation, but for future generations, and are blessed to have the opportunity to expand to every corner of the world, bringing not only our plant-based protein rich foods, but also bringing our philosophy, our creativity, our joy of partnering, and our sense of responsibility for improving as many lives as possible through the work we have chosen.

While our initial team in the U.S. is small, they are mighty and will help guide us to meet the right people in the right channels who are seeking out what we are here to deliver. With a handful of experts in strategy, business development, channel relationship building, sales, marketing and healthy growth, our team in Israel will have a solid foundation for the many visits we will be making to a country we love.

Thank you for following us and engaging with us as we build not just a business, but a movement to support the unstoppable shift to vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian lifestyles.

Ilan Adut