We love Pizza – People – and the Planet: Proud to be part of the Plant-Based Healthy Pizza Revolution

October, 2022

Today, we unveiled our Pizza Solutions offering to all the regions we serve, including our recently announced expansions in Australia and the U.S.

For years, our talented food scientists have been working together with foodies, chefs, pizza restaurant owners, and others as passionate about we are for cheese and meat plant-based alternatives to perfect our craft. Word traveled fast that Vgarden was creating the familiar flavors, textures and tastes that make a vegan pizza as delicious and even more delicious than the standard versions.

Beyond delicious, vegan pizzas feature our wide variety of cheeses, from melty and stretch mozzarella to tangy parmesan and feta cheese; pepperoni and sausage with the same spices you’ll find in the originals; and a wonderful plant based tuna;

Indulge without guilt – and know that the choices made to thrive with nutritious and sustainable foods not made by or with animals means you can also feel good in your heart and mind, without giving up the pizza parties you’ve come to enjoy.

How are we able to produce such premium food experiences? It takes passion – precision – and dedication – and partnerships with those who are desperately looking for plant-based, vegan food that tastes great.

We are driven to innovate and to satisfy not just the craving for pizza, but the growing demand for better, cleaner, healthier, and more conscious foods.

We’d be honored to help you top your pizzas, and while we do not sell to consumers, we sell to many retail distributors and food service companies who are at last able to balance quality, freshness, health, and economics given that we also strive to make alternative ingredients available to all.

Because who doesn’t like pizza? And who doesn’t love a great pizza that is also good for you – and your family – and generations to come?

That’s amore!

Learn more here, by reading our press release.